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sylc. Apartmenthotel GmbH
Kronsaalsweg 88
22525 Hamburg-Stellingen


Directions Motorway A7

From north:

Follow the motorway A7 until the exit „26 - HH-Stellingen“ and turn left on „Kieler Straße/B4“. After 400 m turn left on „Kronsaalsweg“. After 80 meters turn left. Now your destination is on the right side (backside of „Bauhaus“)

From south:

Follow the motorway until the exist „A1/B4/B5 Richtung Elbbrücken/Centrum/Altona“ and turn left on Kieler Straße /B4. After 500 meters turn left on „Kronsaalsweg“. After 80 meters turn right. Now your destination is on the right side (backside of „Bauhaus“)

Directions Motorway A1

Coming from the A1 follow the two right lanes at the motorway junction „31-Hamburg-Ost“ to follow the signs on to the motorway „A24 Richtung Hamburg-Jenfeld“. Follow the road until the roundabout „Horner Kreisel“ and leave at the second exit „Sievekingsallee“. After 2,1 km the street merges to „Bürgerweide“. Follow one of the two right lanes to turn right on „Wallstraße/Wallstraßenbrücke/B75“. Drive straight on Wallstraße/Wallstraßenbrücke to Sechslingspforte and turn left on Schwanenwik. Drive straight through „An der Alster“,“Kennedybrücke“, „Alsterglacis“ and „Theodor-Heuss-Platz“ until „Edmund-Siemers-Allee“. Take one of the two middle lanes to turn half-left on „Bundesstraße“.

Drive straight on „Verbindungsbahn“ through „Schröderstiftstraße“, „Schäferkampsallee“ and „Fruchtallee“. On „Fruchtallee“ follow one of the three left lanes to turn left on „Eimsbütteler Marktplatz/B5“ abzubiegen. Follow „Kieler Straße“ for 3,3 km and turn left on „Kronsaalsweg“ . After a few meters the destination is on the right side (backside of „Bauhaus“).

Directions Hamburg Airport

Coming from „Flughafenstraße“ drive south and turn right on „Weg beim Jäger“. Follow „Weg beim Jäger“ 2,2 km until you leave the roundabout at the first exit „Spreenende über Papenreye“. After 1,2 km turn left on „Kollaustraße“ then turn right on „Niendorfer Straße über Oddernskamp“ and right again on „Gazellenkamp“. Follow Gazellenkamp until the roundabout and leave at the second exit. After 1,3 km turn right on „Wördemanns Weg“. Follow for 1,2 km and turn left on „Kieler Straße“. After 240 meters turn right on Kronsaalsweg. After 70 meters turn left. Now your destination is on the right side (backside of „Bauhaus“)

Central Station

Take the „S-Bahn“ S3 to Elbgaustraße/Pinneberg or the „S-Bahn" S21 to Elbgaustraße until the station „Stellingen“.

Alternative solution: Take the U-Bahn U2 to Niendorf Markt until Osterstraße. Change here to Bus number 4 to Eidelstedter Platz/Wildacker until BAB-Auffahrt Stellingen.

Train station Altona

Take the S-Bahn S3 to Pinneberg or Bus number 183 to Kalvslohtwiete until BAB-Auffahrt Stellingen.

Hamburg Airport

Take Bus number 39 (express) to Teufelsbrück and exit at the station BAB-Auffahrt Stellingen.

Alternative solution: Take the S-Bahn S1 to Ohlsdorf. In Ohlsdorf change to the U-Bahn U1 to Hauptbahnhof Süd . At the station Lattenkamp change to Bus number 281 to Eidelstedter Platz until Wördemanns Weg.

Parking Lot

Our own parking lot has 162 parking spaces. As a guest you can rent them for cheap - The longer you stay the less you pay.

Charge your
electric car

If you drive a electric car you don't have to face oldschool problems at our place. Thanks to our charging station you can charge your car immediately after arriving.We also offer specified charging stations for the Tesla drivers among you.

In Hamburg we take MOIA

Car-sharing in Hamburg

MOIA launched with a fleet of 330 electric vehicles that will continue to grow in number throughout the year. MOIA vehicles have been especially designed to meet all the needs and preferences of ride-sharing passengers as fully as possible.